Iron Sight Inc.

Iron Sight Inc. is the Worlds Foremost Repair Station for Redfield and Weaver scopes made in the USA, and we are the only repair station certified to repair the Leatherwood ARTII.

We now sell NEW Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics products. As Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics' premier service station, we know these scopes better than anyone else…period. What other sources can make such a claim? 

When you buy from us, you have access to our expert optics technicians that can answer just about any question.
We are also “shooters”.  On our staff, we have competitive shooters, former military marksmen and law enforcement specialists that can provide input from a professional shooter’s perspective.

When considering purchasing a scope, IRON SIGHT INC. can offer a level of expertise, service and advice on the scopes we offer that you rarely find at any retailer.
Why would you buy your optics from just any store, when you can buy from a team that knows optics “inside and out”.
Thanks for you business!!


We are the world's foremost repair station for Redfield scopes.
We are the world's foremost repair station for Weaver scopes.
We are the world's foremost repair station for Leatherwood scopes.
We are the world's foremost repair station for Rifle scopes.

Iron Sight, Inc. proudly presents the IST Series Scopes for use in CMP High-Power Rifle Competitions with AR Platforms.

IST Scopes are original Weaver 2nd focal plane reticle scopes on which we have installed our own target knobs (1/4 MOA adjustments) using Weaver's Micro-Trac Adjustment System. Basically, we have converted a K-Series Scope to a T-Series Scope.

IST Scopes are available in 1X; 1.5X; 2.5X; 3X; and 4X. Eyepiece Choice: Traditional or Widefield* (*IST-3X; IST-4X*) Finish choices: blue, parkerized or epoxy finish.

IST 1X; 1.5X; 2.5X: 3X; 4X Base price $395.00, plus shipping.

Each scope is built for the individual shooter. Please contact for us for turnaround time, scope options and pricing.