Iron Sight Inc.

The Exclusive Repair Station for Leatherwood Automatic Ranging Telescope

We purchased the original parts from Leatherwood Optics and offer complete ART II scope service.

Complete rebuild on ART II, includes replacement of variable erector unit, replace lenses as needed, O-Rings and missing parts on scope, or mount, recharge with nitrogen.

Same service as above with refinish of main tube metal, and mount using original finish. - $360.00 Leathewood ART II scope complete with M 14 /M 1A mount and clip guide. - $1575.00

M14-MIA - mount $510.00 ,Clip guide - $60.00 , Mount for bolt gun $510.00, Windage and Elevation cover caps - $55.00.

All parts are original not reproductions. Return shipping and handling is included in the above cost.

Fact: Of the 1960s era tactical scopes used by U.S. military snipers in Vietnam, only the Leatherwood ART scopes are still seeing service in Iraq and Afghanistan today. All others were taken out of service long ago.

Shipping Info

Send a check or money order for the amount listed on the products page with a note describing whats wrong with your scope. On your note we need your name address and telephone number, We clean, service, and repair anything wrong with your scope then seal and fill with nitrogen gas. We also have a variety of replacement reticles.

You have a 1- year warranty uopn receipt of your scope.