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Weaver Scopes
Made in El Paso, TX U.S.A

The worlds foremost repair station for
WEAVER SCOPES. We proudly announce purchasing all remaining parts inventory from WEAVER in El Paso Texas. We now service original El Paso Texas steel tube WEAVER scopes. We are selling a variety of original WEAVER scopes in excellent to new condition. including WEAVER automatic ranging telescopes. (ART-MPC)


All fixed power repairs, adjustable objective lens and variable powers are $95.00 T series scopes are $105.

EXCEPTIONS: Weaver model 330, 440, 29S and the M73B1 - the price is $110.00 due to the complexity and time consumption during the repair.

See reticle choices on the Redfield page. Add appropriate reticle costs (if any) to refurbish price.

NOTE: V22; V4.5; V7; V9 & V12 Series Weaver Scopes - we can NO longer refurbish, repair, and or service the V-Series Weaver Scopes.

Approximate turn round for Weaver scopes: 15-18 months effective 08/23/2017

We will rebuild and re-blue your Weaver scope for $260.00 with your choice of reticle

Return shipping and handling is included in the above cost. Click here for pricing on our other scopes.

Shipping Info

Please contact Iron Sight, Inc., for the approximate scope turnaround time prior to shipping your scope. The Shipping Info is on the CONTACT US page

You have a 1- year warranty uopn receipt of your scope.